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Introducing the un|portrait!

Vancouver | Squamish | Whistler

I’m so excited to launch my latest genre of photography. I’m calling it the “un|portrait”. I want to document people doing real things, unscripted and unposed. It’s taken me a bit of time to figure out what I really love about photographing people, which photos I’m drawn to and what I really want to do. It’s those authentic everyday moments that I find stick with me the most.

I’m happy to offer 3 types of sessions: A Slice of Life, A Day in the Life and We’re Expecting.

A Slice of Life
This is a great way for me to capture a sliver of your life. Making breakfast, your bedtime routine, a trip to the beach…whatever your family likes to do together! I could also join you at a birthday party for your little one or a baby shower with all your best friends. I’m happy to document couples, individuals, artists and pets too!

A Day in the Life
I’ll get to spend a good chunk of the day with you and have a chance to really explore your relationships and personalities. There will be laughter and fun…possibly a tantrum or some tears! Share these moments with family and friends in one of our archival albums.

We’re Expecting
Let me tag along as you build the crib or hang some photos in the nursery. I’ll be back once your little one has arrived.

Please have a look at my Portfolio to see more of my work and the Investment page for more information on pricing.