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Carol + Ian

Whistler Wedding | Beverly Lake

When Rachael from Sea to Sky Celebrations initially contacted me about this wedding, she mentioned there would be a Star Wars theme. Specifically, the officiant would be dressed up as a stormtrooper. For real? Sounds like a fun couple! It turns out the groom had really wanted them to get dressed up as characters from Star Wars, but the bride wasn’t as keen on the idea. So, the bride arranged to have the officiant get dressed up instead as a surprise to her groom. Jeremy Postal (Whistler Wedding Pastor) was totally up for it and secretly got into costume using the helicopter to block him once we landed at Beverly Lake while the bride distracted the groom.

This was a truly unique and unforgettable wedding. Their personalized wedding vows that had me in tears and their laughter kept all of us smiling, even through a few drops of rain. May the force be with you!

01-Nita-Lake-Lodge-wedding 02-Whistler-elopement 03-Nita-Lake-Lodge-wedding-groom 04-Star-Wars-wedding-Whistler 05-First-look-Nita-Lake-Lodge-wedding 06-Whistler-elopement-Nita-Lake-Lodge 07-Whistler-helicopter-wedding 08-Whistler-elopement-helicopter-wedding 09-Whistler-wedding-Star-Wars-theme 10-Whistler-mountaintop-wedding-Beverly-Lake 11-Star-Wars-elopement-Whistler 12-Whistler-wedding-pastor 13-Elopement-Whistler-wedding 14-Wedding-details-Whistler 15-Whistler-wedding-stormtrooper 16-Beverly-Lake-Whistler-wedding 17-Whistler-elopement 18-Blackcomb-Aviation-wedding-Whistler 19-Helicopter-wedding-Whistler 20-Nita-Lake-Lodge-wedding 21-Whistler-wedding-Nita-Lake-Lodge 22-Nita-Lake-Lodge-Whistler-elopement 23-Whistler-elopement-wedding 24-Whistler-wedding-Nita-Lake-Lodge 25-Rainy-Whistler-wedding  

Wedding Planner: Sea to Sky Celebrations | Hair & Make-up: Kerry Waring | Officiant: Whistler Wedding Pastor

Transportation: Blackcomb Aviation | Flowers: Senka Florist | Venue: Nita Lake Lodge and Beverly Lake, Whistler