Your guests… encouraged to dispense with their best behaviour and just be themselves… because the monkey suit and formal dress look good – but not as good as their goofy grin and heart warming shenanigans.

Why have a Photobooth

It’s the perfect add-on to your wedding day coverage with us! Because you can’t be everywhere at once on your wedding day. Because the people you invite are the people that make you smile. Because inside the fancy suit and silk dress your friends are as goofy on your wedding day as they were every day before.

Photobooths are pure entertainment and a great way to get shots of all your guests.

What exactly is a Photobooth?

You remember those little boxes with a short curtain… you’d put in some change, do a few crazy poses and get a strip of photos. This is that… but different and better!

The Details…

Our photobooths are a little different than others.

First, we take away the three walls and small curtain and increase the unabashed fun. By having the photobooth out in the open, everyone can have a blast watching the action.

Next… as an add-on to your wedding day coverage, one of us is always at the booth while the other is covering the dancing and reception. We thrive on getting people to be themselves in front of the camera, so with us there you’ll get professional photos of candid moments.

During the signature moments of your wedding, we put up a “Be right back!” sign so there’s still two photographers covering the most important parts of your wedding… after all, it is your day!

Finally, we include the photobooth photos with your online gallery for you to share with all your guests. Prints can be ordered through the gallery or you can make your own prints from a high-res digital files you’ll receive.