what to wear?

Hipster or fashionista, choosing an outfit for your photoshoot is the first step in a perfect day. We have a few tips to make sure you look the best… on your own and with others. Read on and you’ll be ready to dress for success.

For engagement sessions, families and kids:
Wear clothes…

+ that speak to each individual’s personality and who they are
+ that are flattering and aren’t too fussy so you’re more focused on having fun than fixing your blouse or shirt
+ that don’t have bold patterns or large logos (unless you want to show them off)
+ and shoes or accessories that are bright and fun
+ that don’t clash with each other, but you definitely don’t need to match all your outfits!


+ accessories likes sunglasses, hats, scarves or gloves (depending on the weather!)
+ toys for the little ones, a picnic blanket or some balloons
+ a smile and a positive attitude and we’ll guarantee you’ll have fun!

For newborns and babies:

Lots of skin is best for newborns.  Babies look super cute in a diaper and cover.  Be sure to crank the heat in your home so they’re comfortable.  

Let us know if you have any themes or fun ideas you would like to incorporate into your portrait session – we love hearing your ideas!